Welcome to the CuRD NeRD Cheese Club!

What is the CuRD NeRD Club?

The CuRD NeRD cheese club is our monthly club, which allows you to discover new cheese and pairings offered at our shop!

Sign up for a monthly subscription at the link to the right. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.

If you wish to purchase a 3 or 6 month prepaid membership, that is an option as well. These package subscriptions are great as a gift for a cheese loving friend. Link to purchase a flat 3 or 6 month prepaid sub is to the right as well!

What do I get?

Purchase includes at least two different 1/4 lb. pieces of cheese and an accoutrement to pair with it (accoutrements range from jams, honeys, mustards, crackers, cookies, and more!). Each month has a special theme for what you receive. Club membership also gives you a 10% discount in the brick-and-mortar shop at all times, and a 15% discount on pick-up days!

Additionally, a new feature is that you can also use your CuRD NeRD subscription for a 10% discount at the Cultured Slice Sandwich Shop!

And finally, a part of your subscription, you will receive exclusive access to and deals for any public special events we hold at the cheese shop or sandwich shop.

When do I pick-up?

Our club pick-up is the first Thursday of each month during normal business hours (11 am to 4 pm).

Will you remind me to pick up?

You will receive a reminder email every month, 1-3 days before pick-up day, to tell you the details of what you'll be getting, as well as information about what's been going on with the cheese shop.