CULTURED SLiCE serves quality, hard to find, artisan and gourmet cheese from around the world and a variety of delicious pairings to compliment them. Our elegant, sophisticated, and European-inspired shop includes a personal service counter, as well as a grocery and gift area, facilitated by a knowledgeable staff. The mission of CULTURED SLiCE is to provide a combination of large selection, quality, hard to find, artisan and gourmet cheeses and accoutrements with exceptional service. Our motto is, “only the highest quality in our selection and our service.”


monger in charge


CULTURED SLiCE is owned and was founded by Solange Comer. Solange was raised in the Los Angeles South Bay area and, for over 20 years, has had a very active role working for the community. Being French­-Italian born, she has had a life-long passion for cheese and quality foods that started with her family introducing her to the stinkiest of cheeses before she could walk! Knowing her community was in desperate need of an old­-world style “fromagerie”, Solange was inspired to bring her life-long love of cheese to the people she loves.

Solange lives by the beach in South Redondo with her mini-monger son, Max. Solange has a passion for food, music, travel, and everything ocean... the beach is her happy place.

When not cutting the cheese (ha!) you can find Solange spending time with her son, having fun with her friends, and petting every dog that she walks by! Solange believes in taking chances, enjoying life to the fullest, and lives by "Go Big or Go Home"!


monger manager


Heidi-Kat has been working in the specialty foods and cheese industry since 2017. Starting at Whole Foods Market as a coffee specialist and then moving on to Eataly to crack giant wheels of Parmigiano, it was only natural for her to continue her foodie journey with CULTURED SLiCE. She finds great joy in connecting customers with new and different cheeses as well as other specialty foods.

When she's not slinging cheese behind the counter, Heidi-Kat likes to spend her time playing video games, making costumes, and writing. Combining two of these interests, she is currently also employed as a narrative writer for an indie video game company.

Her favorite holiday is Halloween, her favorite color is orange, and her favorite cheese is changing constantly, although she will always love a freshly cracked wheel of Midnight Moon or Pecorino Gigante.


veteran monger


Max dove head-first into the world of cheese when he responded to an ad on Craigslist that said, "Like Cheese?" Since then, he's worked as a cheesemonger in Brooklyn, New York and Bozeman, Montana. On a walk through Hermosa Beach one day, he discovered CULTURED SLiCE, and the rest is history!

Max is a "go with the flow" sort of fellow, and his travels have been guided by his palate in search of tasty treats, adventurous meals, and delightful snacks. He has a vast knowledge of cheeses all over the world from tasting them all extensively, and is a master at helping people find the perfect cheese and charcuterie combinations for any occasion.

With a sincere love for making cheese boards, Max enjoys expressing his creativity in edible formats. Simply put, he loves his profession and all the lovely cheese enthusiasts he gets to meet every day!


cheezy monger


Ramin has been working in the culinary world since 2016, when he graduated from Institute of Culinary Education. His first restaurant job was as a charcuterie chef and he instantly fell in love. He has a deep passion for food and flavor, and uses it as a form of expression. The combinations are infinite!

Ramin likes to geek out on experimenting with exotic ingredients to produce unique flavor explosions and popping colors. He was a Garde Manger and a Line Cook at an upscale steakhouse, and he is also a certified Bronze Level Sushi Chef.

One of his hobbies he enjoys is collecting all types of knives and sharpening them on whetstones.

When Ramin isn't cooking, you can find him at the beach, skating, or at the gym. His favorite cheese changes with his mood, but TomaRashi and Challerhocker have a permanent home in his heart!