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Our sandwiches are not build-your-own; however, we are happy to make substitutions or alterations according to your needs/desires.

Just let us know!

Online ordering is currently only available for our cheese shop. We're working on online ordering for the sandwich shop.

To order a sandwich, please come in or call us at 424-237-2032.

Bread choices include: soft roll, pretzel, croissant, wrap, baguette, sourdough

*Gluten-Free bread is available for any sandwich for an additional $3


Pig in a Forest - $15
Black Forest ham, brie, mayonnaise, mixed greens, whole grain mustard on a pretzel roll

The Forager - $15
Black Forest ham, Swiss, mayonnaise, garlic mushrooms, mustard, lettuce on a pretzel roll

Pig'n'Fig - $15
French ham, brie, fig jam, butter on a croissant or a pretzel roll

The Frenchie - $15
French ham, brie, butter, mixed greens, whole grain mustard on a French baguette

The Classic - $14
French ham, Gruyere, butter on a French baguette

Sweet Pig o' Mine - $15
French ham, brie, butter, arugula, honey on a French baguette


Havarti Party - $15
Turkey, Havarti, Nashville hot and spicy mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce on a pretzel roll

The "O" - $15
Turkey, Provolone, pesto aioli, onions, avocado, lettuce on soft roll or croissant

Hey Turkey! - $15
Turkey, Spicy Mo's mild smoked gouda spread, mayonnaise, mustard, mixed greens on a soft roll or croissant

Plain Jane - $15
Turkey, Provolone, mayonnaise, onions, mustard, mixed greens on soft roll or croissant

Let's Pop the Turkey - $15
Turkey, Provolone, mayonnaise, onions, avocado, champagne honey garlic mustard

Herb Your Enthusiasm - $16
Turkey, garlic herb goat cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, rosemary chips


I Heart Plants - $14
Mixed greens, lettuce, arugula, onions, tomato, giardiniera, with vegan roasted garlic avocado aioli or sun-dried tomato pesto

Veg & Cheese - $14
Provolone, tomato, spinach, avocado, onion, lettuce, garlic-marinated mushrooms, yellow mustard

Hot Honey Goat - $14
Goat cheese, arugula, Mike's Hot Honey
*Try adding turkey for $3.00

I'm Going Caprese! - $14
Mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic vinegar, Maldon flake salt

Almost Thanksgiving - $14
Cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, honey, arugula
*Make it a full Thanksgiving and add turkey for $3

The Bruncher - $14
Brie, apricot jam, butter on a croissant

We Brie-long Together - $15
Brie, fresh pears, house-made pear compote on a croissant

A Pear of Hot Nuts - $14
Burrata, fresh pears, roasted almonds, arugula, Mike's Hot Honey









Pineapple Express - $16
Black Forest ham, fresh mozzarella, fresh pineapple, basil, onion, sun-dried tomato pesto, red pepper flakes

Beer Necessity - $15
Black Forest ham, beer cheese, garlic aioli, mustard, pickles, onions, banana peppers, lettuce

Breakfast in Bed - $15
Black Forest ham, cheddar cheese, bacon, spinach, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, Torres fried egg chips

First Date - $16
Pastrami, garlic cheese, garlic aioli, red onions, lettuce

Grilled Pearfection - $14
Fresh pears, Havarti, Gruyere, house-made pear compote, whole grain mustard

Lunch Box - $14
Finocchiona salami, provolone, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, lettuce, and a side bag of chips

Mammogramwich - $15
Turkey, Havarti, apricot jam, mustard, lettuce, red onion

Happy Place - $12
Grilled sourdough with choice of two cheeses: provolone, Cheddar, Gruyere, pepper jack, Havarti, Swiss.
*Add bacon for $3

I'll Melt With You - $16
Tuna, cheddar, lettuce, onion, easy mayonnaise


HB Tuna - $16
House-made tuna salad, pepper jack, lettuce, vinaigrette, mayonnaise

Brezzie - $15
Bresaola, Swiss, spinach, garlic aioli, mustard on a pretzel roll

Specktacular - $15
Speck, burrata, arugula, balsamic, Maldon flake salt, pepper

Under the Tuscan Sun - $15
Finocchiona, Provolone, mustard, sun-dried tomato pesto, arugula

The Bear - $16
Pastrami, Swiss, Spicy Mo's mild smoked gouda spread, dill pickle mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, onions, pickles on sourdough bread

Pastrami Mami - $16
Pastrami, Swiss, garlic kraut mustard, mixed greens, onion

Horsin' Around - $16
Pastrami, Swiss, horseradish mustard, mayonnaise, mixed greens

Pickles & Pastrami - $16
Pastrami, pepper jack, dill pickle mustard, mixed greens

BLT - $14
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, yellow mustard on toasted sourdough
*Make it a BLAT with avocado for $15

OG Club - $15
Turkey, bacon, cheddar, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce on toasted sourdough bread


Silence of the Hams - $16
Black Forest ham, bacon, Spicy Mo's spicy smoked gouda spread, mayonnaise, onions, smokey maple bacon mustard, mixed greens

Son of Sal - $16
Mortadella, sopressata salami, calabrese salami, Provolone, onion, mustard, lettuce, giardiniera, house-made vinaigrette

Maui Wowie - $16
Black Forest ham, turkey, Swiss, creamy garlic mustard, lettuce, banana peppers, Maui onion chips

Yippee-Ki-Yay MF - $17
Turkey, calabrese salami, Bacon, Provolone, onion, banana peppers, mayonnaise, yellow mustard

Keep the Change - $16
Turkey, finocchiona salami, pepper jack, provolone, horseradish mustard, onion, mayonnaise, mixed greens, creamy garlic mustard

I Dare You! - $17
Do you trust us?! This sandwich is dealer's choice! We can't promise what you'll get but we can promise it will be tasty.

Kids Sandwich - $12
Choice of meat and cheese with mayonnaise, mustard on sourdough

Raclette - $12
Hot, melty, cheesy deliciousness served over potatoes with cornichons


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